Prayer Requests - September and October, 2018

Galatians 6:2 Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Please pray for our military and their families as they courageously protect our country. 

Long-Term Illnesses

Walter Anderson

Fred Andis

Juliene Arnold's Sister

Lena Baker, Lillian Ratliff's Sister

Stella Blackwell

Jeffrey Blevins

Logan and Michelle Browder

Dailey Bucklen

Judy Burke

Joyce Carmack

Sheila Church

Bob Copenhaver

Lisa David

Charles Denton

Kim Dillow

Steve Dillow

Dotsy Duncan, Dot Slemp's Niece

Bill Edwards

Vicki Edwards

Archie Farmer

Agnes Farris

Mrs. Fogleman

Mrs. Fogleman's Niece

Amanda Fuller

Joe and Jean Garrett

Pat Graybeal

Jimmy Hale

Phyllis Helton's Family

Linda Herrell

Willa Hogston

Henry & Peggy Hooker's Son

Lucille Hoss

Buck Hylton

 Darlene Jackson's Brother

Paul Jackson

Jim & Mabel Jarvis

Steve Jessee, Daisy Burress's Nephew

Logan Kaylor

Carolyn Keesee's Aunt

Billie Jo Little

Kim Luke's Grandson

Jean Marshall

Bailey Martin, Margaret Martin's Granddaughter

Mavis Martin, Daisy Burress's Sister

Sis McCray

Warren & Imogene McCray

April Miller

Ernest Murray

Judy Newton

Angie Owens

Bob Peters

Janet Petty

Sylvia Quillen

Joe Rowland

Bob Steele

Kathryn Stevens

Sallie Stevens

Emily Stinnett, Charles Lilly's Niece

Kimbry Street

Carolyn Strouth

Dot Sweet

Teresa Tate's Brother

Juanita Terenci, Mildred Blevins' Sister

Frances Thorp

Alicia Watson

Ida Widener