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Greendale Chapel

Our History


Before Greendale Chapel there was Greendale Bible Presbyterian Church


Greendale Chapel traces its origin to the spring of 1950 when a group of local Christians organized a fellowship in old brick store building which is yet standing within the site of the present church. The work was then known as Greendale Gospel Center. Later this group became part of the Presbyterian denomination. In 1954 a brick chapel was erected which still forms a part of the present building. It was built on land donated by Stuart Lilly, a local merchant and leader in the formation of the new church. In 1975 reorganization took place which created a fundamental, independent church, taking the name Greendale Chapel.

The new church proposed--and there was such an increase in membership and attendance over the next few years that it became necessary--to erect a large addition to the old building. Work began on this new addition in the late summer of 1982 and was completed in April  of 1983. The first service in the new sanctuary was held on April 17, 1983.

As the congregation continued to grow, the need for more parking and other facilities increased. God always knows our needs and makes provision at just the right time.  The land between the church building and the Treasure Island Restaurant was purchased in 1994 and is utilized for parking and a beautiful lawn. Three parcels of land were acquired over a period of twelve years to develop our fellowship hall and surrounding facilities including our baptistery. The house behind the church (the Hagy House) was purchased in 2000 and has been the home of our youth pastor and his family. The Old Store Building in the curve of the road behind the church has been remodeled and serves as an office for our church cemetery, an office for our youth pastor, and the Upper Room is the meeting place for our Teen Club. In 1997 the Lord blessed again and allowed us to purchase the Dr. Smeltzer home and farm across the highway from our church which could be used for future needs and expansion. And, through the generosity of treasured friends, we now have Greendale Cemetery to serve the needs of our church and community.  The Lord has richly blessed us with all these things, and to quote Brother John Bishop, "GOD IS SO GOOD".

Pastors who have served the church from its origin in 1950 have been William A. Marlowe, Bob Cox, Burton Toms, Hal Smith, Byron Dye, V.N. (Bud) Phillips, and Jerry A. Eggers. Pastor Eggers has served the church since October 3, 1976.