Greendale Chapel



Holston River Boys

March 7, Saturday, the Holston River boys will be at Riverview Community Church, Riverbridge Rd., Hayter's Gap.  Our church will probably take a bus over to join them.

Luke Bishop

March 22 through 25, Sunday through Wednesday, will be our revival with Luke Bishop preaching.

Holston River Boys

March 29, Sunday evening, the Holston River Boys will be singing at Greendale Chapel.


Many  endure loneliness; this sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley may have  something to help ease the problem.  Overcoming Loneliness:


New church in Hayters Gap, "Riverview Community Church"

This "new church" was originally built in 1895 and has recently been remodeled--it is a beautiful house of worship.  At first, it will be open only on Wednesdays and we hope you can visit them.  If you already have a home church, please pray that the Lord will meet all their needs and send them souls needing salvation and souls needing nurture. 

The first service was Wednesday, August 7, 2019, with a combined Prayer Service of Greendale Chapel Church and Riverview Community Church.   The first song was Victory in Jesus.  On Wednesday, August 14th, Beulah Baptist will be at Riverview Community Church.  Please continue to pray for our friends and their New community church.

UPDATE, UPDATE:  Riverview Community Church has a pastor and will now be having services twice on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings!  Wonderful news, but . . . Greendale Chapel Church will miss Eddie, Kentra and family--after January 26, 2020. We pray that God blesses Riverview Community Church beyond measure with many souls getting saved and Christians encouraged in their walk with Christ.