Greendale Chapel Church
17468 Rich Valley Rd., Abingdon, VA

Pastor, Jerry Eggers


A Letter From Pastor Jerry Eggers

Here at Greendale Chapel we extend an invitation to you and your family to attend one of our services. We have something to offer to meet everyone's spiritual needs. Of course the greatest need in all the world is that each of us has the assurance that we are on our way to heaven. If you or a loved one does not know that you are going to heaven when you die, you will find a link on this site that will show you--from the Bible--that you too can have this wonderful assurance that the Lord Jesus promises.

Also, to all who are in need of prayer, comfort, or spiritual guidance we gladly offer our services. We will be happy to come to visit the sick, aged, shut-in, downhearted, and all others who need help; and will read God's word and pray with them.

We hope to see you soon and on behalf of our church it is our desire to be a blessing.

God Bless,
Pastor Jerry Eggers

Jerry and Dorinda Eggers


About Our Pastor and Wife, Dorinda

Preacher Eggers and Dorinda have faithfully served in this ministry for over 40 years. They both stay very busy in the day-to-day work in the ministry. Their love for the people and the Lord is so easily seen in their service to the people not only in the church but also in the community. They are two great examples of what it means to be a servant of the Lord. 

They have one daughter Laura Beth Greer and two grandchildren Aaron and Sara Greer.